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Pairing Wine & Salmon
wine guypairing winepairing wine & salmon

Jeremy Emmerson's King SalmonThis month the wine guy pairs wine and salmon; In the Alsace region of Northern France and Southern Germany, salmon is traditionally paired with the noble Riesling Grape. I know sometimes the fun of food and wine pairing is trying different flavors and textures with different foods from all over the world but lets be honest Riesling and salmon is a killer combo!

The natural acidity of the Riesling grape works very well with the high fat content of salmon. The unique part of Riesling is its natural residual sugar content, which not only makes for a great and interesting wine but its sweetness highlights the flavor of the fish.
The German versions of these wines tends to be a bit more mineraly. Alsace is known for a dryer style but as always individual producers dictate the final product. Some of my favorite producers are; Joh. Jos.Prm, Balthasar Ress, Dnnhoff, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Domaine Schlumberger. But as long as I own a couple of bottles I think I can recommend this stellar version ; Trimbach "Clos Ste Hune".

Steve Lande
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