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Sea Bass with Confit Tomatoes
recipe fileseafood & shellfishsea Bass with confit tomatoes
Sea Bass with Confit Tomatoes
Serves Four

4 x 6oz (180g) Sea Bass Fillets
8 zlea. Tomatoes (Peeled)
12 ea. Crawfish Tails
16 ea. Basil Leaves
40 ea. Cherry Tomatoes

For The Sauce
1Ltr (1pt) Fish Stock
12cl (4oz) White Wine
2 ea. Chopped Shallots
180g (6oz) Butter
12cl (4oz) Cream
Chopped Chives

Sea Bass with Confit Tomatoes

Recipe by Chef Ciaran Hickey

Season the Sea Bass and sauté in a hot skillet and finish the cooking process in the oven. Cut the tomatoes in to quarters, remove the core, seeds and dice(1cm 1/4inch), half the cherry tomatoes. Sauté the tomatoes with olive oil and the whole basil leaves. In a separate pan sweat the shallots, add the fish stock and reduce by half, then add the white wine and again reduce by half. The next step is to add the cream reduce and the begin to in corporate the butter and finish with chopped chives. Finally season and sear the crawfish tails. Garnish with lemon wafer.

Lemon Wafer.
Slice the lemon wafer thin, place in a bow land cover with boiling simple syrup refrigerate for 24 hours. Remove the lemon slices, shake free excess syrup and lay on a sil pat (or baking parchment and leave in a warm oven(190 f) for 24 hours.

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