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Roasted Sea Scallops,
Crab Cake & Mandarin Orange Glaze
recipe fileseafood & shellfishroasted sea scallops
Roasted Sea Scallops
Serves Four

9 to12 Scallops
4 chopped green onions (scallions)
280 gr. 10 oz Crab meat
60gr 2oz Mayonnaise
4 eggs
60gr 2oz Mustard
90gr 3oz White Bread crumbs
2 liters 1 qt Orange juice reduced to syrup
150ml 4oz vegetable oil
30gr 1oz chopped chives
50ml 11/2 oz rice wine vinegar
4 small bunches Mixed greens

Roasted Sea Scallops, Crab Cake & Mandarin Orange Glaze

Recipe by Chef Ciaran Hickey

Sauté the scallops in a hot non stick pan. Mix the crab meat, eggs mayonnaise, mustard, green onions and season. Form into a cake shape and coat with bread crumbs, cook on both sides in a little butter. Put on a plate, place the scallops on top and garnish with the greens. Dress with the orange Vinaigrette. Dot the remainder of the syrup around the plate, and sprinkle with the chives.

Orange Vinaigrette
Blend the oil, rice wine vinegar and half the orange syrup with a little seasoning.

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