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Peppered Beef Fillet
with Confit Leeks, Westphalian Ham & Morel Jus
recipe filemeat & poultrypeppered beef fillet
Peppered Beef Fillet
Serves Ten

10 x 7oz Beef Fillet (Tenderloin)
1oz Cracked Black Peppercorns
5 Leeks
5oz Butter
5 Cloves Garlic
2 Sprigs of Thyme (rubbed)
10 Thin Slices of Westphalian Ham
1 Tomato (Peeled De-seeded and Quartered)
30 Sprigs Of Chervil ( for garnish)
5pts Veal Stock (2.5 quts)
1oz Madeira
30 Fresh or Cultivated Morels
5 Small Potatoes

Peppered Beef Fillet

Chef Robert Cowley

1. Cut the leeks into large chunks on the bias and wash very well.

2. Wrap the leeks in aluminum foil with the butter and garlic, season lightly with salt and pepper and seal the foil and bake in a moderate oven for 40-50 minutes until the mixture is completely soft and cooked.

3. Season the beef with the cracked black pepper and salt, sear in a hot skillet and finish in the oven.

4. Keeping the skillet on the stove after removing the beef, add the Madeira. Once the Madeira has reduced by half add the veal stock, reduce this by three quarters. In a separate pan sauté the morels with the rubbed thyme, add them to the veal sauce and finish with a little butter when the sauce has reached the desired consistency.

5. Peel the potato and curl on a vegetable curler, deep fry the potato threads to form a crispy potato disk.

6. Lightly grill the Westphalian Ham, warm the tomato petals and leek then mix all three together. Place the mix on to the center of a warm plate, lay on the potato disk on top. Then the beef . Sauce on top and place the morels around, garnish with the sprigs of chervil...

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