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Rack of Lamb
Enoki Pancakes and Native Beans
recipe filemeat & poultryrack of lamb
Rack of Lamb
Serves Four

Main Ingredients:
800 g rack of lamb French cut
100 g mixed beans
40 g green peas
40 g fava beans
Enoki Pancake:
120 g enoki mushrooms
2 pcs whole egg
10 g garlic cloves
20 g scallions
20 g butter
to taste salt & pepper
Lamb Sauce:
10 cl lamb jus
15 g bean paste
2 cl olive oil
to taste salt & black pepper
200 g Japanese eggplant
1 l oil for frying
2 g thyme fresh
10 g rosemary fresh
100 g baby mixed greens
20 g mixed fresh herbs
60 g green peas
1 tblsp olive oil
10 g garlic chopped
to taste salt & black pepper

Rack of Lamb
Enoki Pancakes and Native Beans

Recip By Chef Jean Paul Naquin

Method: Soak the dried beans in cold water for 6 hours. Remove and cook in boiling water, drain and put to one side.
Cook green peas and fava beans separately in boiling salted water, cool and drain.
Season lamb rack and roast in the oven until medium rare.

Enoki pancakes - Chop enoki mushrooms roughly.
Crack and beat the eggs, then add the chopped mushrooms, chopped garlic and chopped scallion.
Season the mix and saute with butter.
Slice eggplant thinly length wise and deep fry until crisp and gold. Heat lamb jus, add bean paste and olive oil. Rectify the seasoning.
Toss mixed the beans in lamb jus.
Place pancakes on serving dishes, top with beans and cover with another pancake.
Add the lamb rack, toss salad with herbs, green peas, chopped garlic and olive oil. Finish with the herb salad mix and slices of eggplant.
Pour remaining jus over the lamb and serve.

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