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Duck pot au Feu
Roasted with Ginseng Root
recipe filemeat & poultryduck pot au feu with ginseng root
Duck pot au Feu with Ginseng Root
Serves Four

Main Ingredients:
4 pcs duck leg
120 g duck liver cut into 4 slices
1 l brown duck stock
150 g pork breast
100 g veal sweetbread cut into 4 slices
20 g butter

120 g savoy cabbage
120 g carrots peeled
80 g shallots peeled
4 heads garlic whole
100 g celery peeled
120 g turnips peeled
4 pcs ginseng root to taste salt & pepper

Tofu Dressing:
120 g tofu soft cut into 4 squares
60 g duck skin sliced and fried crispy
40 g macadamia nuts roasted and chopped
1 tblsp soy sauce
40 g tomato peeled and cut into dices
20 g picked ginger chopped
to taste cracked black pepper

Mustard Seasoning:
1 tsp French mustard
2 g Korean spice “sancho”
to taste salt & black pepper

Duck pot au Feu with Ginseng Root

Recipe By Chef Jean Paul Naquin

Peel, cut and cook all of the garnishing vegetables, duck legs and pork breast together in duck stock on low heat. Prepare the tofu dressing by mixing all ingredients together. Season the sweetbread and sauté with 20g of butter. Season the duck liver and sauté on high heat, place on absorbent paper. Heat tofu in the duck stock, place in serving dish and top with a spoon of dressing. Add meat and vegetables with duck stock and serve with mustard and Korean spice.

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