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Woo Gok
Strawberry and Banana Filled Taro Dumplings
recipe filedessertWoo Gok
Woo Gok
Woo Gok
600 gram taro root, peeled 100 gram wheat starch
75 gram boiling water
12 gram sugar
4 gram bicarbonate of ammonia
75 gram vegetable shortening pinch salt
600 gram strawberry-banana compote

Woo Gok

Recipe by Chef Rainer Zinngrebe

An idea that came over a dim sum lunch one day, woo gok is a traditional fried dim sum with and outside crust resembling almost a hairy surface. It is a multitude of textures and thatís why I love it. Traditionally it is always served as a savoury dim sum, but I thought that by reducing the salt content a little and filling it with fruit it would make a fantastic dessert and it does. You can fill these with anything you like, adding a bit more salt if it for savoury filling. We have tried it with a custard and with fruit and loved them.

Cut the taro into large pieces and steam for about 20-30 minutes. Make sure your pieces are not too small as this will add too much liquid to the dough.

Remove from the steamer and leave to dry off a bit.

Place in a mixer using a pedal and mix well until you have a smooth mash. Add boiling water to the wheat starch and combine well.

Add sugar, bicarbonate and the wheat starch dough to the taro and blend it to a smooth dough, adding the vegetable shortening at the end.

Remove dough form the mixing bowl, cover with a tea towel and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Divide the dough into 40 gram pieces. Fill the dough with the compote and shape like an triangular egg. Deep fry these dumplings in a large wok or pot, only a few at a time, over medium heat until they are golden brown and fluffy looking. The outside should look like a million little hairs standing up, Serve hot.

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