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Lemon & Wild Strawberry Gratin
recipe filedessertlemon & wild strawberry gratin
Lemon & Wild Strawberry Gratin
Serves 24

Lemon creme patisserie
600g lemon juice
400g whipping cream
12 egg yolks
90g poudre a creme(Stabilizer)
300g sugar

For the Italian meringue
12 egg whites
800g sugar
15 leaves of gelatin
30g wild strawberries per portion
1tbs soft brown sugar

For the garnish
20ml red fruit coulis per portion
1tbs mascarpone per portion
Sprig of mint per portion

Lemon & Wild Strawberry Gratin

Recipe by Chef Simon Scott

Make the Italian meringue; cook the sugar to 117°C and pour onto the whisked egg whites.Continue to whisk until cool. For the creme patisserie, cream egg yolks and sugar and add lemon juice. Boil cream and add to egg yolk mixture. Return to heat and whisk in poudre a creme(Stabilizer). Cook well until thickened.

Add soaked leaves of gelatin and cool. Fold the two mixes together. Pour the mixture into 10cm by 2cm rings and neatly push 20g of wild strawberries into the center of each mould. Place these into a chiller to set. Sprinkle with soft brown sugar, place in the center of a large plate and glaze until crisp.

Drizzle a red fruit coulis around and sprinkle a few wild strawberries. Top each gratin with a small quenelle of mascarpone and a sprig of mint.

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