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Pistachio, Nougat & Raspberry Ice Cream Cake
recipe filedessertpistachio, nougat & raspberry ice cream cake
Pistachio, Nougat & Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

French Meringue
Egg Whites100 Grams
Cream of Tartar 1 Pinch
Sucrose 100 Grams
Powdered sugar 100 Grams

Pistachio Ice Cream
Ice Cream Stabilizer 15 Grams
Sucrose 178 Grams
Whole Milk 3.5% 1878 Grams
0% Fat Milk Powder 117 Grams
Sucrose 178 Grams
Trimoline 120 Grams
Pistachio Paste 100% 230 Grams
Butter 82 % Fat 210 Grams
Egg Yolks 90 Grams
Kirsch 15 Grams

Nougat Glace
Aged egg whites 54 Grams
Sucrose 27 Grams
Glucose 13.5 Grams
Orange Blossom Honey 45 Grams
Pralinettes Sifted 40 Grams
Lemon Zest (drained and rinsed) 20 Grams
Caramelized Sicilian Pistachios Grams
Raspberry Pate de Fruit 54 Grams
Heavy Cream 35 % fat 205 Grams
(70% Fruit 31% Solids)
Water 121 Grams
Sucrose 118 Grams
Glucose Powder 8.5 Grams
Sorbet Stabilizer 2.8 Grams
Raspberry Puree (10% SUGAR ) 1100 Grams

Lemon & Wild Strawberry Gratin

Recipe by Sebastien Canonne & Jacquy Pfeiffer

Method For French Meringue:
Place the room temperature egg whites and cream of tartar in mixing bowl with whip attachment. Begin whipping until foamy on slow speed (to break up the whites). Turn on higher speed and gradually add half of the sucrose. Whip until stiff peak and turn on high speed, adding quickly the other half of the sucrose. When the egg whites have reached their maximum volume stop whipping and fold in the powdered sugar; mix until smooth. Pipe on stenciled parchment paper (disk and shells). Sprinkle powdered sugar on the meringue disk. WAIT 5 MINUTES AND REPEAT. BAKE AT 176.6C / 350F (VENT OPEN) TURN OFF THE OVEN AND LET THE MERINGUE DRY OVERNIGHT.

Method For Pistachio Ice Cream :
Mix the stabilizer with 178 Grams of Sucrose at 4C, mix the milk and the 0% fat milk powder At 25C, mix in the sugars (sucrose, trimoline) at 35C, mix in the melted butter at 37C, mix in the pistachio paste at 40C, mix in the egg yolks at 45C, add the stabilizer mixed with the sugar Heat to 85C for 2 minutes Cool rapidly to 4C and add the kirsch. Leave to mature between 4 - 12 hours. ( Do this to insure the milk's protein hydration and the full strength of the stabilizer and emulsifier. Maturation will also reinforce the flavor and smooth texture of the ice cream).
Homogenize with hand blender. Freeze in ice cream machine. Transfer the ice cream to an airtight container then deep-freeze to ensure the stabilization of the product (up to -40C).Keep in container in a freezer at -25C.

Method For Nougat Glace :
Whip the egg whites slowly boil the sucrose, glucose and honey to 125 C / 257 f. Pour over the egg whites and whip until cold fold in the nuts, zest and chopped pate de fruit. Fold in the whipped cream. Fill two dome inserts.

Method For Raspberry Sorbet :
Mix all the dry ingredients together Heat the water to 40C Mix in the dry ingredients, stirring briskly Heat to 85C (keep covered. Evaporation will unbalance the recipe) Cool rapidly to 20C Let mature for a minimum of three hours Fold in the fruit puree Homogenize with the hand blender Freeze in ice cream machine Transfer the sorbet into an airtight container, and then deep-freeze to ensure the stabilization of the product. (Up to -40C) Keep in container in the freezer at -25C

Sebastien Canonne & Jacquy Pfeiffer own & operate The French Pastry School in Chicago IL

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