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Pumpkin Tortelli
in amaretto foam with squab "pasticcio"
recipe fileappetizerspumpkin tortelli
Pumpkin tortelli in amaretto foam with squab "pasticcio"
Serves Four

2 small squab -- bonet, reserve giblet
100 grams carrot -- cubed
100 grams onion -- cubed
100 grams celery -- cubed
20 grams shallots -- chopped
5 grams garlic -- whole
5 grams fresh thyme
5 grams savory
5 grams rosemary
5 grams marjoram
3 pieces cloves
1 small piece cinnamon
5 pieces juniper berries
100 milliliters marsala wine
1 liter red wine
100 grams clarified butter
50 grams butter -- softened
300 grams butternut squash -- diced
10 grams rosemary
100 milliliters extra virgin olive oil
5 grams garlic
salt and pepper -- to taste
150 grams baked ricotta cheese
50 grams grated fresh Parmesan cheese
3 pieces Amaretti di Saronno cookies -- crushed
200 grams fresh pasta
100 grams butter
100 milliliters chicken
stock 3 pieces Amaretti di Saronno cookies -- crushed
20 grams grated fresh Parmesan cheese
10 grams mint -- fried

Pumpkin tortelli in amaretto foam with squab "pasticcio"
Recipe by
chef Andrea Sacchi

For the squab pasticcio:
Marinate squab in a bath of wine diced vegetable and spices for two day.
Separate, wine, veggies and squab.
In a casserole sear vegetable with clarified butter and fresh herbs
In a skillet sear squab at high flame 'till nicely browned, season and transfer the squab in the casserole and soak with wine marinate to cover.
Simmer till tender addicting more liquid if necessary.
Clean the squab giblet leave to marinate in milk for a couple of hour.
In a pan sear chopped shallot and rosemary, add giblet and cook at low flame for 3-4 minutes
Soak with marsala wine and cook until juices are reduced. cool and reserve.
In a food processor place squab with some of his cooking liquid and squab giblet.
Process until smooth and pass trough a steel sieve.
Whip up with butter and add more marsala to taste.
Place in a terrine lined with parchment paper and refrigerate.

For the tortelli
Cut the butternut in cubes and dress with salt, pepper, olive oil, fresh rosemary and some crushed garlic.
Vacuum pack and steam for about 30 minutes.
Remove from bag, eliminate rosemary stalk and garlic and pass trough a sieve
Whip one fourth of butternut with olive oil and let the rest cool down.
Pass baked ricotta trough the same sieve.
In a bowl combine: ricotta, butternut, some crushed amaretti, grated parmesan (FRESH), check seasoning and transfer to a piping bag.
Prepare Classic tortelli keeping them quite big, as we'll need only 3 for a portion.

For the sauce:
In a pan place butter with chicken stock and crushed amaretto cookies allow to reduce until foamy.
toss in cooked tortelli, sprinkle with parmesan and off you go to the plate.

For the garnishes:
With a machine slice butternut at one millimeter , place them on the parchment paper and dry in oven at 90C for 2-3 hours ( alternately you can deep Fry bit the taste will not be so natural)
Deep fry mint until jaded and let it dry under the pass light.
Reduce red wine to one tenth of his original consistency and reserve in squeeze bottle. Description:
"Second course pasta dish"
Serving Ideas : Place one quenelle of squab pasticcio on a side and one quenelle of oil whipped butternut mash on the other, three tortelli in the middle, sauce over and drizzle with red wine reduction.
Place fried mint on squab pasticcio and butternut chips on butternut and tell you runner to be quick.

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