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Flattened langoustines
with bouillon of Salland free-range hen
recipe fileappetizersflattened langoustines with bouillon of salland free-range hen
Flattened langoustines with bouillon of Salland free-range hen
Flattened langoustines 1500 g langoustines
100g potato
2dl orange juice Peppercorns
Bay leaves
2dl chicken stock from a free-range hen (The longer the stock simmers, the better the taste)
1 dl heavy cream
Salt and Pepper

Flattened langoustines with
bouillon of Salland free-range hen

Recipe by
Jonnie Boer

Langoustines are very, very fresh and they have to be, because they are eaten raw. Cut off the heads and peel the tails of the langoustines. The heads and the peels can be served in a soup or sauce. Cut the potatoes in nice, even cubes of 5 by 5 mm. Boil the orange juice with the peppercorns and the bay leaves to a syrup.

Fry the potato cubes in a hot pan with oil and add the boiled down syrup. Once the potatoes are done, allow them to cool down. Add the whipped cream and the orange syrup and stir it through the potatoes. Season the mixture to taste and put it in a piping bag. Flatten the langoustines between two sheets of plastic foil to a nice round pancake and put it in the centre of the plate. Garnish the dish with the orange cream and sprinkle with herbs. Bring the clear stock to the boil. The clear stock is poured on to the dish at the table, so that the langoustines will steep a little. This will add savour to them. Enjoy your meal!

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