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Marinated Salmon
Marinated Salmon with Cornish Crab Meat
recipe fileappetizersmarinated salmon with cornish crab meat
Marinated Salmon with Cornish Crab Meat
Serves Four

100 g Sea Salt
100 g Caster Sugar
20 g White Pepper
2 pc Lemon Grass
Zest of Two Lemons
100 ml Brandy
500 g Salmon Fillet (Skin On)

Crab Salad
120 g Crabmeat
20 g Finely Chopped Chives
60 g Finely Sliced Spring Onions (Green Onions)
20 g Pickled Ginger


Juice of Four Lemons
50 g Sugar
5 g Arrow Root
200 ml Olive Oil
20 ml Light Soy Sauce

Marinated Salmon with Cornish Crab Meat

Blend all the ingredients for the marinade. Spread the mixture all over the salmon and marinate for twenty four hours. Wash off the marinade, remove the skin and blood line. Slice the salmon into 1/4 cm slices (1/8 inch). Arrange them on a plate in a five inch ring. Keep the ring on the plate.

Mix the crab salad components together. Spoon the salad over the salmon evenly and remove the ring.

For the dressing, bring the lemon juice and the sugar to the boil; add the arrowroot and soy sauce to a thick sauce consistency. Whisk in the olive oil.

Clean around the plate and drizzle over the top of the salmon and crab....

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