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Eating My Words
cookbook reviewseating my words
Eating My Words : An Appetite For Life
By: Mimi Sheraton
List Price: $23.95
Price $16.77
You Save: $7.18 (30%)

Reviewed by Sheilah Kaufman

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July 2004
What makes you try a restaurant be it new or old? Do you read restaurant reviews in the paper? Do you believe what the food critic has written? What goes into a good restaurant review? Descriptions of the food, service, ambiance, talent and creativeness of the chef, cleanliness of the restaurant, comfort of the chairs and furniture, amount of time spent waiting, how long they let you "linger" after you have eaten, and the cost of the food, wine, and drinks.

Being the restaurant critic for THE NEW YORK TIMES is one of the most coveted as well as one of the most despised jobs in America. What does it take to land this lofty position? How much do you really have to know about food and wine? In her memoir: EATING MY WORDS: An Appetite for Life (William Morrow) Mimi Sheraton explains how she became a food, wine, and travel writer.

Sheraton is forthright, candid, and always willing to be controversial. She writes of the importance of anonymity, the battle with weight, and with humor and authority answers the 20 most often asked questions of a food critic. She is also a world class storyteller and a devoted journalist. You will be swept away on colorful, fun and eye opening journeys of memorable meals, unforgettable people, and outrageous experience as you travel with Mimi through her childhood, through her college years, and her rise to prominence. Engaging and enlightening, this memoir is an irresistible treat to savor word by word. Best known for her work as the restaurant critic at the NEW YORK TIMES, Mimi relates her experiences from how she landed the job to why she left 8yers later. As a journalist, she has tasted and reported on some of the world's finest cuisine, as well as some of the worst food. She discloses her secret outrageous dining disguises and the top impersonators that have tried to fool restaurants for year.

Written By: Sheilah Kaufman
Sheilah has authored of 24 cookbooks and for the past 36 years, under the banner of "Fearless Fussless," she has been crisscrossing the USA demystifying cooking and teaching "fearless, fussless, easy ways to elegant cooking". To find out more about Sheilah visit her website

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