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El bulli 1998-2002
cookbook reviewsel bulli 1998-2002
El bulli 1998-2002
by Ferran & Albert Adrià
Price (Thru Gourmand Books): 140 €

Reviewed by James Norman

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February 2004
Like many of Chefs, I am an avid collector of cookery books. There always seems to be just one or two more I need!! The latest book to line my already bending shelve is "El bulli 1998-2002"

For those of you who are not aware of El bulli, let me take the pleasure. El bulli is a Michelin 3 star restaurant in Northern SPAIN. At the helm is a man who can only be described as a genius, Feran Adria. The food he and his team produce has to be the most innovative in the world.

Well, to the book. Where can I start…? Nearly 500 pages of explosive, mind-boggling and somewhat unbelievable pictures and recipes, the book is an encyclopedia. Along with the book is a CD-ROM, which contains a magnitude of information. Just to read what this man has to say is book in it's own right. You may look at some of the photo's and think "looks simple" or "is that it" All I can say is look again and read on…With this book nothing is as it seems. Any serious chef will one day own this book, and you really do need to be a serious Chef to appreciate the values and qualities of a genius.

Like anything great in life there is always some form of criticism, Many may think the price is expensive, at 120 euros you may have a point. I believe the book is now printed in French and English, which is long expected.

An absolutely classic and wonderful book, in my view it should be framed and hung on a wall…

Written By: James Norman. Paris
James is a British born chef whose career has taken him through the London kitchens of the Dorchester and Lanesborough Hotels. He currently works in Paris in the three star Michelin kitchen of Guy Savoy.

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