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cookbook reviewsvegetables
by Guy Martin
List Price: $36.00
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Reviewed by Jane Boaz

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November 2003
This extraordinary collection of recipes will amaze and inspire the reader. Amaze with the beauty, originality and variety of the dishes. Inspire with the essential simplicity of both the ingredients and composition of the dishes.

Renowned Chef Guy Martin prefaces this collection with a poetic tribute to the source of his own inspiration. He introduces his work to the reader as follows. "This book has the taste of my childhood and of discovery, of gardens and fields, the birthplace of flowers, fruit, and vegetables. . .where the magic of stars and the promise of time unite. . .for it is nature that urges me to transmit my love, my technique and my pleasure." Chef Martin, through his refined yet unpretentious appeal, entices his readers to explore the pages that follow.

Photographs of exquisite vegetable presentations belie the uncomplicated, straightforward recipes they accompany. These dishes demonstrate that simple, seasonal ingredients prove most elegant and graceful when lavish adornment is supplanted by a light yet imaginative touch.

Presented in seasonal progression from Spring through Winter, 200 recipes for starters, soups, main dishes, preserves and even desserts are included. Tips regarding the origin, season or other pertinent fact about the key ingredient annotate each recipe, and the author also provides estimates for preparation and cooking times.

The following examples from Vegetables offer a glimpse at Guy Martin's unique vision and creativity: Radish Bouillon, Vegetable Flans, Broccoli Cake, Roasted Onion Bulbs with Mango and Raisin Compote, Green Pea Ice Cream, Cauliflower Carpaccio, White Mushroom Cannelloni, Poached Eggs on Polenta with Peppercorn Sauce, Cauliflower Pudding, White Cabbage Salad with Bananas, and Garlic Waffles.

Readers who follow Guy Martin to market and emulate his approach to fresh, seasonal vegetables will surely find the experience gratifying. Along the way, some may even find their own gardens and fields "where the magic of stars and the promise of time unite."

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