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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook
cookbook reviewsmediterranean diet cookbook
The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, Recipes from the Island of Crete
List Price: $38.00
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Reviewed by Jane Boaz

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November 2003
The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is a compilation of information on the Island of Crete, its natural bounty and advice on how today's consumers can benefit from a Mediterranean-style diet. The exquisite photography of Pierre Hussenot and Pierre Cabannes lend a "coffee table" feel to the book. But it is much more than pretty pictures.

The book opens with educational text including a brief history of the Island and its gastronomic roots. Co-authors Jacques Fricker, a physician, and Dominique Laty, a health and lifestyle writer, encourage readers to follow the lead of the Cretans by consuming bread, cereals, fruits, fresh or dry vegetables, cheese or yogurt, and olives daily. They advise readers to drink plenty of water and a little red wine several times a week. Fish, chicken, eggs and sweet desserts should be included they say. And lastly they discourage consuming red meat more than three of four times a month.

A pictorial fruit and vegetable hall of fame follows the text. The nutritional merits of each fruit and vegetable accompany the photos. A brief lesson on garlic, onions and herbs, another on olive oil and another on cereals, bread and grains are included. Tips on consumption of fish, meats and milk products are also covered.

And then the recipes--- an outstanding collection of glorious dishes from the island of Crete. Inspiring photos depicting each of the seventy finished products glow with healthy intensity. Although some of the ingredients lists include odd and inconsistent measurements such as "3 1/3" lbs of spinach" and "1.2 lbs of peas," it is a minor matter considering the appealing dishes created with the simplest and most accessible ingredients. The instructions are naturally brief as no fancy culinary feats are required to assemble these beautiful, healthy dishes.

This book is a prize for those seeking a healthier diet and lifestyle as well as for those who love to create enticing meals.

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