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cookbook reviewsamuse-bouche
Amuse-Bouche: Little Bites That Delight Before the Meal Begins
by Rick Tramonto, Mary Goodbody
List Price: $35.00
Price with $24.50
You Save: $10.50 (30%)

Reviewed by Andrea Sacchi

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June 2003
Let me just start by telling you how I got this book; it was perhaps destiny or just sheer chance? I got on the net in search of something new to expand my collection, you see I love cook books, I crave the moment that box will arrive to my door with few new babies inside. Tear off the tape and off I go, do not disturb sign on… I know one day that it will be the foundation of my divorce… My new books are here and I need to read them NOW.

The funny part about this particular book is that I gained two copies in two days. First thought the ripping open an Amazon box and the next day neatly deliver on my desk from an oversea friend that wanted to surprise me…Thanks Jeremy

But back to the ripping boxes apart:

Where to start; I figure out the I better go in gastronomical order and pick up the Amuse-bouche by Rick Tramonto…hey old done! Where's my drink!

I already like much of what I see, I love pictorial book I am much like a three-year-old that prefers to look at the pictures and not even bother to scan the recipes, It give me a sadistic pleasure to work out every single ingredient from what I see, it's a kind of culinary crossword.

Loved the 10 commandment style organization of the book and jumped here and there from vegetables to foam with ease, good idea to have a small particular index at the beginning of every single commandment, it makes for a very easy browsing.

The recipes are neatly organized; I liked the little anecdote before them and the clear step system to create them. The pictures are nice and clean, I wanted more of those, much more… but hey I manage to have my F&B running away from me for weeks, with the classic "hey have you seen this? I want small saucepan like that…and what about that little glass dishe…" He hates when I get new books!!!

But back to the book: Very nice and very easy. If you are a professional it kicks in all those bits and pieces you had in mind but never tried, and gets you experimenting. I am sure that anybody who loves food can have a lot of fun with it too. That's what you want in a cookbook, you saw those plates; you may actually have done some of the same stuff already but the one you didn't you'll have to try and do something else on that line of work just to prove yourself that you can.

I love 'Stuzzichini" (well you know I am Italian). It's nice to read they have become so popular that they acquired their own space on the menu. I enjoyed this book and I think it should find place on your shelf. I gave my double to a barman friend of mine, and guess what? He's cooking!


Written by: Andrea Sacchi, the Executive Sous Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo

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