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Desserts by Pierre Hermé
cookbook reviewsdesserts by pierre hermé
Desserts by Pierre Hermé
by Herme/Greenspan
List Price $35.00
Our Price with $24.50
You Save: $10.50 (30%)

Reviewed by Jeremy Emmerson

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March 2003
Pierre Hermé is France's most acclaimed pastry chef. Born in to a family already immersed in patisserie, Herme has managed to take a family legacy and make it legendary - Pierre Hermé is a household name to every sweet-toothed French food lover.

Desserts By Pierre Hermé is the chef's fourth cookbook but his first in English. Co-written with the help of Dorie Greenspan an already established cookbook writer the couple make the perfect team; Greenspan is totally in tune with the thoughts of the chef and her infectious appreciation, enthusiasm and understanding of his cuisine spills on to the pages of the book.

The first chapter lists out Hermé's basic recipes - the foundations to the fruits, creams, cookies, tarts, tartlets and cake chapters that lie ahead. Do not be fooled by these simple-sounding subjects - challenging, humorous, intoxicating recipes await the reader's attention.

Coupled with specific instructions and exquisite, original photography Desserts by Pierre Hermé is suited only to those that are committed to following the author's instructions to the letter and have modicum of pastry knowledge - this is no Betty Crocker cookbook! Take for example his Chocolate and Banana Tart. When the chocolate and the butter are mixed to form the tart's ganache filling - both must at 104°F not a degree more or less, and when the tart is cooked, it must be cooked for exactly 11 minutes! But if you are disciplined enough to follow the commands the results pay dividends.

At $35 ($24.50 online) Desserts By Pierre Hermé is a bargain buy and hopefully the first of many pastry books to be offered in English by the French Pastry master.

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