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Herbs & Spices
cookbook reviewsherbs & spices
Herbs & Spices
The Cook's Reference
By Jill Norman
Price: 30.00
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Reviewed by Jeremy Emmerson

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February 2003
If you hunger for a comprehensive book on the subject of herbs and spices, then food writer Jill Norman has penned a book that will unquestionably give you - your fill. Her latest title covers the subject at great length. Presenting readers with detailed explanations of 60 herbs and 60 spices.

Each page begins with a brief synopsis of an individual ingredient and is complimented with tasting notes, buying and storing information and a description of the herb or spice's culinary use. Within the culinary uses section Ms. Norman offers her thoughts on what each ingredient is "good with" and "combines well with". For example tarragon is good with artichokes, asparagus, fish, seafood and salsify and combines well with basil, bay, capers, chervil, chives and salad herbs.

In addition to the herbal demystification, the preparation (grating, grinding, crushing…you name it) of herbs and spices gains discussion, and their versatile uses are showcased through a bundle of recipes. This section starts with classic herb and spice mixtures and then expands to sauces, condiments and marinades each of which are categorized by the continent that they derive from.

Containing 500 color photographs the book is visually driven, well laid out and guaranteed to embellish the culinary mind of any reader - no matter what their base knowledge may be.

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