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Charlie Trotter's
Meat & Game
cookbook reviewscharlie trotter's meat and game
Charlie Trotter's Meat and Game
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $35.00
You Save: $15.00 (30%)

Reviewed byJeremy Emmerson

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October 2002

Charlie Trotter's Meat & Game is the fifth high quality cookbook to be published by the chef, in a series of books that represents the food (and secrets) of his much-lauded Chicago restaurant.

If you already have a Trotter book or two in your possession you are going to be familiar with the format of his latest. The book is broken down in to seven chapters; Introduction, Light Poultry & Other Fowl, Robust Poultry & Other Fowl, Light Meat & Game, Robust Meat & Game Varietal Meat & an Appendices.

It must be said that it will take the most patient food lover to completely follow a recipe from start to finish - they are crazy long! My feeling is that the best way to utilize books with incredibly comprehensive recipes is to take inspiration from the whole dish and utilize segments of the recipe say a technique, sauce, marinade or reduction.

Wine notes - you bet! Trotter's sommelier Belinda Chang throws reader's a bone or two on the wine-pairing front and to be honest they are great pairings. My only dislike (not that Belinda will lose too much sleep over it) is that the rational she gives for her wine selections are very flowery and border on pretentious.

Each recipe is accompanied by a full-page photograph. The images truly represent the food, clean uncluttered shots minus any distracting wine glasses or props. Not surprisingly Tim Turner scored a James Beard award for his work on this book. Supplemental "down on the farm and out in the wood" shots have been captured through the lens of Michael Voltattorni. This aspect of the book reminded me of French chef Georges Blanc's book The Natural Cuisine of Georges Blanc (1987 Stewart, Tabori & Chang). Blanc's book came abound with pictures of the French countryside. Trotter has followed a similar theory to Blanc including the roots of where many of his finest ingredients come from an unnecessary addition on the surface yet testament to chefs of his caliber; not just producing a book with recipes but offering a publication that reminds us that good food start life way before our suppliers bring it to our doorsteps.

The cost of Charlie Trotter's Meat and Game comes with a strong price tag fifty bucks - that is a lot of beer tokens for a book ($35 online [40.00 UK]). To make sense of the extra ten to fifteen dollars I picked up a similar (chill out Charlie I said similar) fine dining book. Putting the two side by side for inspection. Both books serve the same purpose but with Trotter's I noticed the extra quality that permeates through. Printed on thicker paper, bound tighter, additional touches like the ribbons that I used to mark pages in the book and extravagant photographs show that the chef has set out to create a book that not only smokes the competition but also will lead the industry standard in cookbooks.

The quality out weighs the price. If you are serious about food you gotta get this one.

Trotter's Culinary Scholarship
Tetsuya Wakuda

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