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Nobu The Cookbook
cookbook reviewsnobu the cookbook
Nobu: The Cookbook
by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Fumihiko Watanabe (Photographer)L
ura Holland (Translator)
List Price: $37.00
Our Price with Amazon: $25.90
You Save: $11.10
Reviewed by: Jeremy Emmerson

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This is Nobu's first cookbook and within its pages the Japanese, global-cuisine conquering chef showcases his unique style - a blend of his nation's cooking influenced by European, North and South American ingredients and techniques. A case of west meets east?

The Nobu Cookbook is broken down into ten easy to follow recipe-laden chapters. Each recipe is complimented with tasteful photography and a brief footnote from the culinary master. In addition to the expected array of cuisine, Nobu educates the reader. Incorporating step-by-step preparation procedures for an abundance of foods; abalone, eel, octopus, Toro and sushi rice to name but a few, are explained. The learning experience continues as Japanese ingredients, equipment and cutting techniques are demystified.

One of the most noticeable attributes of the book is the number of ingredients required to make each dish are minimal. I suppose when one thinks of a chef of Nobu's caliber the expectations are of complexity but true to Japanese style the dishes are simple, unfussy and based on using the freshest ingredients. And many of the base sauces used are convenience products available for purchase at any Asian store or good supermarket.

I put one recipe to the test? Spicy Sour Botan Shrimp. The end result offered a plate of lemon-laced shrimp, accented with garlic and chili. It only took twenty-five minutes to prepare and execute, making it suitable for the kitchen of a professional or amateur chef.

On the negative side Nobu includes four Chilean Sea Bass recipes. With the future of this species in question perhaps these pages could have been put to better use in an effort to highlight the demise of the species and how we can protect it, rather than promote its use?

The final pages offer Nobu's thoughts and recommendations on the best way to prepare, eat and enjoy sushi, what to drink with Japanese food and a few very interesting pages on how sake is made. If any further credibility is needed, the book features a bounty of praise from the world's superstars, Charlie Trotter, Paul Bocuse, Steven Spielberg, Madonna and even Bill Clinton can not say enough about the man's food?

To summarize
A stylish educational book and at $25 ( or 20 ( the culinary mix master is not taking advantage of his high profile name or the food lover's pocket.

April 2002

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