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cookbook reviewspuurder
Jonnie Boer
Import a signed copy
from Holland
Our Price: 70 Euros ($61 £43)

Reviewed by Jeremy Emmerson

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On the 18th of March, 2001 after two years of work, Dutch chef Jonnie Boer published his second cookbook. The first was called 'Pure'. To reflect the progression of his food and his focus on cooking simple, honest - no nonsense cuisine, his second book was named 'Puurder' - i.e. more pure.

Jonnie cooks with indigenous commodities remaining loyal to Zwolle the region in which his restaurant De Librije is located. His style and recipes are wild and imaginative, incorporating uncommon commodities like eel, North Sea gurnard and River Perch, a fish that he serves with smoked garlic froth and coriander pesto. Dishes like these that have brought Jonnie fame and two Michelin stars.

The unique edge of Puurder continues with the inclusion of a small book on wine. This smaller book has been inserted into the exterior of Puurder's cover. This tiny gem highlights some simple theories of wine pairing. Written by Jonnie's wife, partner and master of wine Thérèse Boer-Tausch, Thérèse preaches her words on wine a kin with religion, referring to her thoughts in Biblical terms - the ten and twelve apostles just like the Old and New Testament.

In Puurder the food takes center stage. Every dish is skillfully enriched through the lens of Jan Bartelsman - offering fantastic, original, inspirational images of Jonnie's food. A novice would be challenged with the recipes as they require some interpretation but this is a book that could go "head to head" with any offering of Charlie Trotter or Gordon Ramsay.

To summarize - a superb inspirational buy and a great cookbook to show to your friends - but not to let out of your sight...

Puurder is available in both Dutch and English and signed by Jonnie.

Read an interview with Jonnie

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