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Gordon Ramsay
cookbook reviewsgordon ramsay
Gordon Ramsay's
Just Desserts
Laural Glen Publishing
Quadville Publishing Ltd.
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $20.96
You Save: $8.99 (30%)
Reviewed by Jeremy Emmerson

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Gordon Ramsay is probably Britain's most talked about chef. His reputation is built on his outstanding food and a much documented, ill tempered, aggressive and demanding nature. But cooking is a business where nice guys don't receive three Michelin Stars - Europe's ultimate culinary accolade.

"Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts" is his fourth cookbook and the first gauged solely towards the sweet-toothed food lover.

With only four or five ingredients required to create many of the desserts, sweet success is only several steps away. The book's ten chapters cover a broad spectrum of dessert styles and incorporate a variety of techniques. Starting with fruit based recipes ideas ranging from an Exotic Fruit Salad with Fresh Coconut to Bananas in Carmel. Next Ramsay displays his passion for ice creams then mousses, crÍpes and comforting desserts. The special occasions chapter might sound intimidating (to a non pastry chef) however his simply laid out recipes offer desserts that can be made no matter what your skill level maybe - check out the lush Mocha Tart. The accompaniments and chocolates chapter offer some great tips and some splendid petit four ideas - white chocolate and strawberry ice cream balls are one such tasty offering. The final chapter consists of a glossary and a few valuable pages suggesting which wines go well with certain desserts.

Aside from food photography that is guaranteed to get any chef's culinary engines started. Gordon Ramsay has designed a book that possesses a unique feature; each dessert has a suggested recipe that may be paired with the main creation. For example if you wish to form a simple offering "Slow roasted peaches with orange caramel" is a splendid stand-alone dessert. A "White peach parfait" is a recommended addition. And finally "dried fruit slices", "langues de chat" or "nut tuiles" can be added - taking what started as a single component dessert to a four-step masterpiece. This functional attribute allows the user to dictate how much time and talent they wish to invest into their dessert - not the author.

To summarize a well priced user-friendly book that will work well whether your purchase is intended for the professional or domestic kitchen.
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