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Sustainable Cuisine
cookbook reviewssustainable cuisine
Sustainable Cuisine
White Papers by Earth Pledge Foundation,
Leslie Hoffman (Introduction),
Paul Newman (Preface)
Our Price: $12.00
Reviewed By KMF

Click Here to Buy It On Line!

Saveur magazine calls Sustainable Cuisine White Papers the most important, readable little green book with a big green agenda".

Earth Pledge coined the term Sustainable Cuisine to describe a derivative of sustainable development which celebrates the pleasures of food and the diversity of cultures, while recognizing the impact of food on our health and our environment. Sustainable Cuisine preserves culinary traditions and addresses the need to safely nourish a growing world population.

The Sustainable Cuisine White Papers were published in 1999 for a Sustainable Cuisine Dinner hosted by the Earth Pledge Foundation on the occasion of the "Last Earth Day of the Century" on April 22nd, 1999 (OK, stop it now, the debate about which year really ends the century is moot for another 98 years). These White Papers are essays on several aspects of the world of eco-gastronomy, with authors as wide-ranging as Roger Berkowitz of Legal Seafoods , Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and my friend Patrick Martins, President of Slow Food USA.

White Papers have been a concise and useful way to explore important issue since the 19th century (regardless of when it ended). This book is what I sometimes call "bathroom reading for foodies", since it is made of several short essays. Each of them is another concise argument for why people should pursue quality and sustainability in their food choices. This book is available by clicking on the above link, to purchase through Amazon, from Earth Pledge by calling 800-639-4099, or visit their website at where you may read it online (of course, it is then harder to read in the bathroom!)

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