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Anthony Bourdain
cookbook reviewskitchen confidential
Kitchen Confidential
(Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly) Anthony Bourdain St. Martins Press, 2000 $19.96

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In Anthony Bourdainís newest book he tells the tale of what it is really like to be a professional cook and chef. In his amusing, if somewhat exaggerated, account of life behind the scenes of various restaurants in and around New York over a 25-year period, he holds nothing back.

Anthony Bourdain has been a professional chef for many years and his observations seem to ring true for the most part. A great deal of what he writes seems to be designed to offend and grab the readers attention while other parts are an informative narrative of what life in this business is really like. After reading his book I can only hope to never work in any of the kitchens he has passed through. While he seems to be a staunch supporter of his kitchen staff he does not spare any other segment of the restaurant industry from the sharp side of his pen-including his customers.

I think his book should be taken with a grain of salt when read. It is entertaining but not a book to be taken too seriously. At twenty-five dollars it is a book that a cook would be better off checking out from the library as opposed to paying out the equivalent of three hours worth of pay.
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