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Thomas Keller
cookbook reviewsthomas keller
The French Laundry CookbookThomas Keller with Michael Rhuman & Susie Heller Artisan Press 1999

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Chef Thomas Keller's first cookbook The French Laundry is a beautiful book and a must read for any professional cook.While so many celebrity chefs try to cash in on their fame with a quick restaurant cookbook, Thomas Keller seems to be trying to do something much different.His book is more about how cooking "feels" rather than the actual physical process itself. The recipes are all very workable for a professional chef but would be difficult for home cooks to execute. It really doesn't seem to matter though, because just reading it is enough. The photographs are wonderful and the "zen like" narratives about food from the Chef and his support staff are fascinating. His love and respect for what he does certainly shines through. I think this cookbook is a definite classic and well worth the price. An absolute must-read for anyone interested in food.
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