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The philosophy
featured chefs the peerless restaurantphilosophy
The philosophy

The Peerless Restaurant is a seasonal, contemporary Pacific Northwest restaurant. Stu Stein & Mary Hinds firmly believe that organic, chemical-free food is better for the soul, and they base their entire menu on this philosophy. Bringing local fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and handcrafted wines, beers, and cheeses directly from neighborhood farms and producers to their restaurant. The Peerless Restaurant's menu changes daily based on the quality of organic, antibiotic and hormone-free meats and produce available each day. Stu and Mary believe strongly in supporting farming techniques that are sustainable, organic, and regenerative. Their philosophy takes belief in the Earth-2-Table concept, which celebrates indigenous ingredients and affirms the web of ethnic strands that define their region - their goal is is to bring the entire Earth-2-Table process closer to the diner.

Stu and Mary's culinary philosophy has been developed around flavors isolating them, maximizing them, and combining them. Their goal - find the best possible ingredients, local or otherwise, unlock their natural flavor potential, and create a harmonious balance. "We have become a nation removed from involvement with the food we buy, cook, and consume. It is a fundamental fact that no cook, however creative and capable, can produce a dish better than the quality of the raw ingredients".

"Organic, chemical-free farming is the first step of cooking. The raw ingredients are the stars of the show, and foods that are in season taste the best. They are bountiful making them more available, more economical, better tasting, and more healthful. The basic premise of cooking is to always start with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and to then coax and encourage the best out of them". They feel that the cuisine of The Peerless Restaurant give guests the familiar, the traditional, and some things that are very new, but all of their meals are infused with a passion for creating wholesome, delicious foods...... read the interview with Stu

The Peerless Restaurant - 243 Fourth Street Ashland, Or 97520.
Telephone 541-488-6067
Click here for information and reservations

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