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Anton Mosimann
featured chefsanton mosimann
An Introduction by Chef David Nicholls

I started cooking with Anton Mosimann some 26 years ago, after leaving Buckingham palace and joining the Dorchester Hotel, where he had just been appointed to replace the great Eugene Kaufler as chef de cuisine and all at the tender age of 28!

He was the most amiable of chefs that you could wish to meet. He had a great style and understanding of food and set out to transform the Dorchester to a hotel unequaled in the world. He appointed a young team of Sous chefs and chefs and gave them all direction and scope to work and prove themselves under his command.The result was a 1st Michelin star and a few years later a 2nd. Two years after leaving the Dorchester I opened a restaurant and won my first Michelin star in 9 months, the reasons for this disclosure is that nine of the other chefs that were at the Dorchester at the same time all won our Michelin stars within 2 years, this is a testimony to Anton, his leadership and style.

After leaving the Dorchester he has always kept all his ex-chefs close to him and continually arranges get together and has first hand knowledge of all their developments. He is a great mentor and someone always on hand to help, council and advise.

I believe that Anton was one of a few chefs across Europe that raised the profile and standing of chefs in the media and public eye and I am sure that a lot of today's "stars" are there because of the great work of a really great chef and true gentleman.... (more)

David Nicholls is the Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel London

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