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Anton Mosimann
featured chefs anton mosimanninterview

Who was your mentor?
Difficult to single out one person. I have been lucky enough to appreciate and learn about good food from a number of people.

Who will you leave your eulogy to?
My sons and in my museum.

At the height of nouvelle cuisine where did you find your inspiration?
I was lucky enough to work in Japan for one year which inspired me and then I came back to the UK was one one of the first here to practice nouvelle cuisine in a serious way.

In retrospect do you smile at nouvelle cuisine or do you feel that it has influenced today's food?
It has certainly influenced today's food.

Did you have to be a hard taskmaster to get the results you wanted and the success that came with it, or did you motivate your team in other ways?
I motivate with dedication and enthusiasm.

Tell us about Mosimann Industries, your various operations and spin offs?
We have Mosimann's Party Service in order to take the Mosimann style anywhere, in a private home, on a mountain, in a marquee. The Mosimann Academy for those within the industry and the general public to attend courses and demonstrations. Mosimann merchandising an ever expanding range of products - biscuits, sauces, Christmas puddings, china, champagne, chocolates....

When you were a commis would you ever have imagined that you would build such an empire?
I have been lucky, always a dreamer and very lucky that some dreams come true.

How do you beat stress?
I am very well organized and do not like mess. I go to the gym everyday, even if just for twenty minutes and always have five minutes shut eye to relax.

I know you love cars. Do you collect them and if so would you tell us about your collection?
I love to drive, my collection is very small. I am very proud of my e-type Jaguar and my Vauxhall 1936.

In the mid eighties when I first got into the business you were first recognized as being progressive. You would shake hands with your chefs each morning and know their names. Do you think that the industry has progressed any further?
Some things have and some have not.

Finding entry level chefs seems to be a global problem. In a city like London where the cost of living is very high and entry level salaries are somewhat modest the problem is compounded. What do you think the culinary community can do to improve this?
Improve the image and improve conditions. Give better motivation and incentive to travel within the industry.

What is next for you?
Early 2001 we will be opening Chateau Mosimann in Switzerland - a wonderful castle perched high on a hill with 360 degree views. It will be a private dining club similar to Mosimann's London.
I am always creating and innovating, so there is more to come... wait and see.

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