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Anton Mosimann
featured chefs anton mosimannbio

When I entered the culinary world in 1986, Anton Mosimann was King of the Kitchens. To join his kitchen would first mean joining the one year waiting list and when a job became available it was probable that it would be at a lower position than you were currently holding. In the eighties Mosimann was "The Boss", he was the leader of the London culinary scene and lead the way in man management. Like his food he developed his own style of leading people. Once you had worked for him success would follow. At this time you would have said that he was at the peak of his career, little did we know that to Mosimann it was a plateau and bigger success was to follow. Here lies a lesson to all aspiring chefs that the road does not come to an end when we gain that desired position of Executive Chef, that is if we choose to learn the lesson's of Mosimann.......

Swiss-born Anton Mosimann is world renowned for his culinary career, having worked throughout Europe, Canada, the Far East and Japan. Appointed Maitre Chef des Cuisines of The Dorchester at the age of 28, he was the youngest ever to hold such a prestigious position. During his thirteen year tenure at London's leading hotel, he achieved 2 stars in the Guide Michelin, the first occasion that such an accolade had been awarded to a hotel restaurant outside France.

In 1985, Anton created a new healthy style of cooking called Cuisine Naturelle, which avoids the use of fats and alcohol. This type of cuisine has become increasingly popular, along with the focus on health and fitness. Loyd Grossman, social commentator, has said that the history of food in Britain divides neatly into two periods - before Mosimann and after Mosimann. In 1988, Mosimann opened, his private dining club in London's Belgravia, membership of which is coveted.

Television and Radio: Anton Mosimann has been the subject of two television series. "Cooking with Mosimann" attracted an audience in excess of 2 million, and was repeated. "Anton Mosimann - Naturally" was broadcast nationwide in the autumn of 1991 for an eight week series, achieving a total viewing figure of 14.9 million. He has made numerous television appearances and radio broadcasts worldwide, including BBC2's Food and Drink Special, "Anton Goes to Sheffield", which won the Glenfiddich Award 1986. His latest series, "Mosimann's Culinary Switzerland", is shown prime time on Swiss television.

From the foundations of the Mosimann's club a church built in 1830 and now Mosimann's world famous dining club, The Belfry sprung many new Mosimann industries. In 1989, Anton Mosimann brought together a team of professionals to form Mosimann's Party Service. Mosimann's Party Service provides total party management. Many of the clients return because of the continuous new styles and venues. Mosimann's Academy - a center of culinary excellence for amateurs & professionals. Mosimann's Creative Chefs - a unique executive recruitment consultancy for world leading Food & Beverage personnel. Mosimann's Merchandise includes Champagne, Wine, Biscuits, Spices and a range of Sauces, Mayonnaises, Mustards and Dressings, which are available from Waitrose (U.K) and other selected retail stores. 2001 will see the birth of Chateau Mosimann, a Swiss castle that has been converted into a hotel and private dining club similar to Mosimann's in London.

We shall have to wait and see what else Mosimann will bring us over the next few years, and if we learn the lesson's of Mosimann who knows what we might bring him...... (more)

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