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Robert Cowley
featured chefsrobert Cowleyinterview

G.C - Who do you regard as your mentor, or the most influential Chef that you worked for?

R.C - Pierre Koffman, for his total professional "no bull" approach !

G.C - What inspires you

R.C - Pleasing people, showing off and to find the same enthusiasm in a commis, and develop that, to pinch a quote "Turn garbage into gold" !

G.C - Describe your culinary style and philosophy.

R.C - A varied collection of modern style with a firm grip on classic foundations, what people love to eat but are just too afraid to ask.

G.C - What drives you / makes you get out of bed to work?

R.C. - The buzz of service; that waiter you were going to fry; that commis that is starting to shine; the guy who is for the trash can." A day in the kitchen"

G.C. - What is hot on your menu right now?

R.C. - Inside out crab sushi rolls with crispy fennel salad, sweet soya glaze and toasted sesame seeds.

G.C. - What makes a great menu?

R.C. - A menu that covers all tastes, something for the outrageous, the boring, the infirm, the shy and the loud. A menu that any client can feel comfortable ordering from.

G.C. - What special products are you using right now?

R.C. - A lot of Caribbean fish. We have a source who flies Mahi, Grouper, Yellow Tail Snapper, King Mackerel and Marlin in fresh each week. Fish like these are rare to find in Irish restaurants.

G.C. - What do you look for in a chef who wants to join your team?

R.C. - A spark of enthusiasm....something to work with.

G.C. - What is key in the career development of an aspiring chef?

R.C. - Don't work in places just because they are rated the best and you want to increase your ego. If you are not learning new and exciting stuff then move on. Don't waste your time. Go onto the job that you can gain the most from and when you get to that Michelin star restaurant and the chef is having you for lunch but you are learning from him - shut up, knuckle down and say "yes chef".

G.C. - If you are not a chef what would you be doing?

R.C. - A flats guide in the Florida Keys.

G.C. - What question would you like to see asked of another chef?

R.C. - How many times a day do they ask the question why?

G.C. - What is your ambition?

R.C. - To drive a dump truck. (G.C. Would that be in the Florida Keys too?).

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