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As a chef, giving corrective feed back to one of your team is not the most relished task. For the recipient it is not such a joyous occasion either.


Anger; (this is normally the first reaction)" How dare they tell me such garbage".

Denial; "No way, I am great at what I do. They need to check out what some of the other guys are up to".

Critical; (watching your boss); " Look at them they think I have got problems".

Suicidal; "I suck where's that new cook's knife, I am just going to kill myself, then they won't have a problem".

A suggestion would be; don't take it too seriously, especially the suicide bit. A large part of the problem lies in the way the message is delivered, not all things come in nice parcels though. Focus on the message not the packaging. The anger side of things is more often than not, at yourself. Your actions have put you in the position where someone feels the need to correct you. The denial side is natural, we should all be positive about ourselves, but be realistic too.

Listen to the message, keep a level head. Ask the messenger questions. What do they expect, how do they think you can fix this issue. Realize any negative feelings you are getting from this. Learn from this so when you are the messenger you can avoid sending your guys into a tail spin...

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