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A Word In Your Ear
Advice For The Chefs Of Tomorrow
career centera word in your ear
February 2003
Seven chefs offer seven morsels of advice to the chefs of tomorrow. Who said "nothing in life is free"?

Be quiet and inhale the good stuff. Choose the best learning opportunity. Work in the best kitchens that your situation can afford, but look behind the marketing before you join them!
Thomas Haas

In this business what you do has to come from the heart. Do not get in to it if your social life is more important, and find a tolerant spouse that understands the business, it is a killer on relationships! Chris Ward

Find a good fair chef to work for, then suck it up and do your time...
Bruce Sherman

Get ready to work you ass off! If you get in to this business you need to realize it is not glamorous, you need to love food and people. Finally you need to be dedicated if you want to succeed.
Paul Kahan

Build a good resume and sound knowledge, then the real money will follow. Longevity is important too, do not jump from job to job, otherwise eventually offers will not be so forthcoming. Secondly the longer you are in an establishment the more responsibility you will get and the learning experience will increase.
Dondi McNulty

Don't work in places just because they are rated the best and you want to increase your ego. If you are not learning new and exciting stuff then move on. Don't waste your time. Go onto the job that you can gain the most from and when you get to that Michelin star restaurant and the chef is having you for lunch but you are learning from him - shut up, knuckle down and say "yes chef".
Robert Cowley

Build relationships, form your own network, don't burn your bridges and stay in touch with your old bosses - one of them will probably hook you up with a great job in the future.
Jeremy Emmerson

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