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Fish & Chips
gourmet articlesarchivefish & chips
There are a few things that I need to say regarding one of my country's most favored foods. Dating back to the seventeenth century, fish and chips have had a long standing as Britain's best loved fast food. Fish and chips are not served in newspaper. The news paper thing is from days gone by. The reason for the use of yesterday's news to serve this fine product was not just our century old tradition of recycling but of course cost. Being that newspaper print is a little toxic people started going off the concept of eating food from it.

Cod & Chips!

When I return home the Fish And Chip Shop (A.K.A Chip Shop, Chippie, [Chipper Ireland]) is my first port of call, jet lagged or not. There is something magical about the Chippie, it contains so many memories whether childhood; the first time I went by myself and bought my first bag of chips or juvenile; the first time I got drunk and bought a bag chips on the way home from the pub. The bag of chips probably ended up in someone's front garden, with me attached to it!

We British don't eat fish and chips in the same way we would eat a McDonald's. It is more of a lunch time meal taken 'open' so you can eat eat it straight away sitting on a bench, or a replacement for dinner on lazy days. You run to the Chippie get your food 'wrapped' and then take it back home and eat it in front of the telly. Some people would transfer it to a plate but not die hards like myself; I like it out the paper, plenty of salt and malt vinegar, a can of beer in my left hand and the remote control not too far from my right. No knife, fork or tartar sauce that's for the Toffs (upper classes).
The fish used is not just cod, you will find, hake, plaice, and rockfish on offer too. If you can not stand the idea of a fish being slaughtered to meet your selfish needs you can always pick up a nice steak and kidney or chicken and mushroom pie! If you are one of those vegetarian kind of people your S.O.L although you would be hard pushed to find meat in those pies sometimes. What else will you find on offer in this low cholesterol environment? Well apart from those classic pies. The young ladies of the Chippie, high school girls being the employee of choice,will have deep fried sausage ( sausage in batter), savaloys( a type of sausage that has had far more exposure to a loaf of bread than a pig) and fish cakes (some love them). Then there's pickled eggs, pickled onions and very tasty gerkins (pickled cucumber).....

Here Is My Batter Recipe

4oz 110gr Flour 4oz 110gr Cornstarch (CornFlour)
10oz 300ml Lager
1 Egg White
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Pepper
Mix The dry ingredients, incorporate the egg white then the lager. Strain and allow the mix to 'rest'. Before cooking the fish season, dredge through flour and then pass through the batter...
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