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With the new look of I thought it was about time to come forward and introduce myself. I am a British chef living and working in Chicago. Almost two years ago was born. I started the site as a winter project - a twelve page "electronic" newsletter. Since then it has evolved to an eight hundred page informational source and general good read
(I hope!). is not an ego trip. Which is why I have never placed a picture or commentary about myself within the pages of the site. However now with the professional new look and added new features I want readers to realize that this is not a journal manufactured by a large organization. It remains the work of one chef, produced with the help of others from a home office - after a days work in the kitchen.

The mission of GlobalChefs is to write an online magazine that reflects the thoughts of chefs and hospitality professionals. To write about the subjects that interested us and in turn interest our colleagues. To create a publication that is driven by content not cash. Although the site is gauged towards people "in the biz", food lovers are more than welcome.

Additionally we aim to provide a platform that;

  • Allows small farms, wine producers and other industry related businesses to showcase their products in return for literary educational contributions.

  • Highlights the work of emerging chefs.

  • Offer a place for new culinary writers to practice their craft and build a portfolio.

  • Provide a destination for chefs searching for international employment.

  • Give unbiased confidential culinary career advice.
  • If you would like to contribute to the site feel free. We gladly accept hospitality related features, food articles (organic and sustainable, etc.), recipes and book reviews. Contributions are accepted with the understanding that they may be edited or have revisions requested. Featured chefs need to be able to provide their bio, recipes, food and portrait shots via the e-mail (although photographs can be sent using snail mail). Featured chefs additionally need to be available for interviews. Chefs living outside of the US are interviewed utilizing e-mail.

    GlobalChefs wishes to cater to the needs and interests of its readers. So please feel free to e-mail your comments, questions and suggestions.

    Enjoy the site!

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