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Who designed the web site? REDSPROCKET

Redsprocket took from this... To this...
Designer's Challenge
Global Chefs, a culinary portal, was created by Chef Jeremy Emmerson. His idea was to provide uniquely rich content to chefs, restaurants, budding chef students and intellectuals who desire to gain the knowledge of seasoned chefs. The challenge was this: Organize the web site so it can acclimate a variety of content, be easy to navigate, and provide streamlined efficiencies for monthly production and maintenance.

Redsprocket, Incorporated was presented with a unique web site that had great potential. As you will see, our solutions turned out to be RED HOT!


Re-brand the look-and-feel
We took a step back and evaluated the site from the users' perspective. The existing brand of GlobalChefs was underdeveloped and lacked the punch that would attract new users and keep them coming back for more. Redsprocket, Incorporated established a recognizable type style that made the brand identity "pop." Additionally, the tag line was positioned beneath the identity to unify the brand with its purpose.

Information Architecture
We looked at how the content was organized and observed the relationships between each page in the site. We were able to reorganize the site structure into an intuitive format and followed the navigational maps created by the information architect.

Template Design
We used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to drive the template structure of the site, including the background colors and type styles used to create each page. By using the CSS's, we were able to provide a twelve month graphics library which enables GlobalChefs to change the "look and feel" on a monthly basis. This solution brings excitement to the site by giving the users a fresh new design with limited development effort. Finally, by using traditional design styles borrowed from magazine and newspaper layouts, Redsprocket created columns of text to improve readability.

Simplicity, with a touch of imagery, was a key ingredient for a successful redesign.

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DESIGN with the USER in mind

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DESIGN with the USER in mind
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